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ProtoSee was an iOS app designed for iPhones and iPads, which allowed you to present and test your HTML prototypes directly on the device. Once you imported the prototype to ProtoSee's library, it didn't need no internet connection, so you could do the presentation anywhere, without lags on a slow wi-fi or 3G network.

ProtoSee is now discontinued

The time has come - we decided to say good bye to ProtoSee. The app has slowly become obsolete as new and excellent prototyping and presentation tools emerge. Origami Studio or Noodl, to name a few, provide great features, including seamless off-line mobile presentation, which was ProtoSee's primary goal. We ourselves, being allocated on various different projects, hardly find any time to maintain the app.

Thank you for your support and understanding. Happy prototyping!

Why we developed ProtoSee?

At the time we introduced ProtoSee, there were no other tools for iOS, that would allow viewing HTML prototypes in a beautiful way, focusing on seamless presentation, native look & feel, prototype optimization, etc. Being Axure & Justinmind users ourselves, we decided to create an app that would allow us to do what we need for our daily work. ProtoSee remained mainly a heart thing for us. Growing more and more obsolete, we decided to say good bye to ProtoSee in January 2017.

ProtoSee app and support are now discontinued.

Please, use current modern prototyping tools that offer

great functionality and presentation features.

To name a few (we're not affiliate in any way):

Origami Studio

You can find many tutorials, demos and documentation

on their website.


Good introduction article here: